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Daniel M. Parkman, Sr. & Frank Mackle, III – CEO of the 100+ year old Mackle Company (General Development Corp/GDC, Mackle Brothers & Deltona Corp.)


Irving Miller (former COO of John D. MacArthur #3 Forbes USA)

The Miller Group – Miami, FL:


U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young & Atlanta Mayor for 1996 Olympics & Investor w James Makawa @ Africa Channel
U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young & Atlanta Mayor for 1996 Olympics & Investor w James Makawa @ The Africa Channel

In Ballrooms across the Western Hemisphere

Kona, Hawaii Auction Staff

We at UeberGlobal  facilitate the conversion, acquisition, joint venture, flipping, financing, hypothecations, funding structures, work outs, turn arounds, consultations, marketings, mitigations and feasibilities of the UHNW/Forbes 400, Fortune 500, Ueber Assets, Portfolios, Players, Projects and Properties. UG commands luxury assets or portfolios of assets facilitating the transfer of wealth in our highly discretionary platforms including encrypted blockchain technology backed by 24 karat gold (ÜFund) & global ÜBarter credits.

Our senior staff  members have an average range of tenure in their specialized industries of 20 – 30 years. This translates to in excess of 400 years of combined experience & talent. Our highly sought after Senior Core Staff consists of 10 – 20 and expands with support staff to 100+ nationwide. They are not only Captian’s of their industries, spheres of influence, continue to pioneer cutting edge technologies and applications, but are experts at implementing these stratagems enabling UeberGlobal extra ordinary results………we @ UG invite you to inquire with us at your leisure regarding our exclusively discretionary anonymous platforms………..and our clients mutually beneficial successes including: the Forbes 400, Fortune 500, Public and Private Institutions, Governments & cross sections of Individuals, Corporations, Public & Private Entities of the World…….of course our anonymously discretionary requested clients shall remain anonymous……


Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.

Disruptive Peacemaker, Facilitator, Promoter, Activist, Financier, Mediator, Publisher, Envoy, Factor, Scholar, Diplomat, Endowments, Benefactor, Emissary, Ambassador, Sponsor, Underwriter, Arbitrator, CRL & GDF Liaison, Chairman, President & CEO of UeberGlobal
The Paramount Building
145 North County Road
Palm Beach, FL. U.S.A. 33480

Website: http://www.UeberGlobal.com

Affiliations:Palm Beach, London, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Jackson Hole, Hamptons, Kona, Nantucket, Sea Cliff, Chicago, Miami, Boston, Napa, NYC, Prescott, Jupiter, N. Ireland, Glasgow, Cayman, DR, PR, MX, Cabo, Yucatan, Mendocino, Turks & Caicos, Buckhead, Bahamas, Salt Cay, Grand Junction, SLC, Vegas, LAX, Hamburg, Berlin, UAE, World of ResidenSea & Circumnavigation-al Moorings/Dockings/Landings…… Sunsets and Sunrises ……Expanding our Horizons and Footprints World Wide……

Mailing Address:

340 Royal Poinciana Way,
Suite 317-245
Palm Beach, FL 33480

(The Paramount Building was opened in 1927 & is rich in significant prominence qualifying as both a National Register of Historic Places Washington, D.C. and designated a Town Landmark by the Town of Palm Beach.)

Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.
Disruptive Peacemaker, Philanthropist, Facilitator, Promoter, Activist, Financier, Mediator, Publisher, Envoy, Factor, Emissary, Ambassador, Sponsor, Underwriter, CRL & GDF Liaison, Arbitrator, Diplomat, Politician, Founder, Chairman, President & CEO of UeberGlobal

Daniel has commanded over 30 years of successful platforms in luxury real estate, finance, auction & construction. He has been associated with DeBartolo Financial and the Weitz Corporation (the 155 year old top U.S. 25 General Contractors – Vulcan) that built the Ritz Carlton for Mel Simon in Palm Beach/Manalapan. He has auctioned 2,300 properties across the Western Hemisphere. His foot print extends from Hawaii to the Caribbean and from Mexico to Canada. Daniel’s clients and his associates portfolios values exceed U.S.$ 5 Trillion in luxury assets globally.

The Media World, such as The Associated Press, records and reports his words thru print, publishing and video platforms.

Past clients include: Fidelity Investments (US $ 4.2 Trillion in assets (the nation’s largest mutual fund) – Donald Trump 45th President of The United States of America – http://www.Bike4Trump.wordpress.comhttp://www.Bike4Trump.wordpress.com – e Nation’s largest mutual fund), Chuck Ross of Holland & Knight (World’s top 10 law firm), Christie’s (World’s largest Auctioneers with $75 Billion in annual luxury real estate sales Globally), Frank Mackle III (World record holder of homesite sales having sold 50,000 lots in a single year), Irving Miller of the $7 Billion MacArthur Foundation and Lennar family – the Nation’s largest Developers with $6 Billion in revenues, Leslie Alexander (Forbes 400 & owner of the Houston Rockets), David Chase (Forbes 400), Lark Jones (Mayor of North Augusta), Arthur Kingsbury (Boston Globe retired), Dick Greco (Mayor of Tampa), Peter Rummell (former President of Walt Disney Imagineering, Rockefeller Center & the Jack Nicklaus Corporation, Hilton Head, Arvida) and the St. Joe Corporation founded by Alfred I. DuPont, Southeast Capital Partners with $2 Billion in projects, Pete Sibley (past President of Carnival (with 90) Resorts & Casinos/Driftwood); Vic Schroeder VP of Noble Properties (Founders & Developers of the zip code/Buckhead,GA including Lenox Square Mall, Phipps Plaza, Buckhead Sheraton, The View @ Chastain Luxury Condo Project & Atlanta Financial Center) U.S. President Ronald Reagan appointed Vic as the Head of U.S. Synthetic Energies Department with an annual budget of $84 Billion, Vic also developed the first Chick-fil-A for Truett Cathy; Randall Rollins Developers of The Jamaican Ritz Carlton known as Rose Hall/The White Witch and Founders of the Orkin Corp; and Jason Frank Sr.V.P. of Regions Bank, to name a few.

Daniel has been on sabbatical since 2007 and living on his antique sailboat over the years. Thus, the status of UeberGlobal is pre-launch until the next UHNW requests stimulate a passionate response from the UG team. His hobbies are high adventure outdoors and his bucket list grows as he discovers new challenges and considers Sir Richard Branson a mentor of sorts in that regard. A Father of 5 children, Grandfather of 4 and eldest brother of 11 siblings, he learned the art of negotiations, mediations & people skills at the young age of 11 when his parents divorced. As a visionary he simply seeks to help his fellow man (“Connecting Life’s Dots”) . He embraces and seeks challenges as a problem solver by nature. He thrives in arenas most executives try to avoid. His passions include all that encompasses one of his life’s mottos: “Healing the earth and the inhabitants therein”. In my view there are four pillars in life: “Faith, Family, Friends & Freedom” and there is one four letter word that conquers all…..LOVE…Who am I at heart ? A poor news paper boy, a chicken farmer, shoe-less, holes in pants, penniless……..however, one is reminded of the story of a man who complained about the holes in his shoes until he saw the man with no feet …….


Connecting Life’s Dots

One hand shake at a time, with mutual respect, good faith, understanding, trust, friendship, peace, prosperity & co-existing in harmony.

Gold Hands Holding Earth Globe UG fb URL 68664_10201569083943188_824239990_n

Healing the earth and the inhabitants therein

faith family friends

Faith, Family Friends







Love Conquers All

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Newspaper Boy – One of my Avatars I use.

UeberGlobal’s Core Team Members:

Gordon Greene

In his 25 year real estate brokerage career Gordon J. Greene has been one of the pioneers in implementing real estate auction strategies with such innovations as auctioning of condominiums and the national commercial auction format.

Gordon has been involved in 1,100 real estate auctions in 40 states, the provinces of Canada, as well as the Bahamas, yielding sales of commercial and unique real property in excess of $3.75 billion. He is licensed in 31 U.S. States & Canadian Provinces.

Robert K. Smith

Robert has been a pioneer for over 25 years in the Florida auction industry. He holds Florida Auctioneer license number AU – 007, the seventh license first issued by the State of Florida. Robert has conducted auctions in thirty-two States. He is licensed in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania and has been active in selling real estate in Florida since 1983.

His experience includes managing and conducting auction campaigns for: Nelson Bunker Hunt, son of H.L. Hunt – Texas Oil Billionaire who was #1 Forbes Global 400 – the Wealthiest man in the World at his death, RTC, FDIC, HUD, Corporate America, Financial Institutions and the private sector.

Michael Darling

Michael Darling has 25 years of luxury experience in the auction world. One of his high profile clients includes Donald Trump. In 1992 Michael was the Project Manager for closing out the remaining 58 luxury condominiums at Trump Plaza in West Palm Beach, Florida located on Flagler Drive. He orchestrated 3 live auctions simultaneously between 3 ballrooms in 3 different State locations: New York, Chicago and West Palm Beach. The end result in 2 hours $19 million in sales & the project was sold out !

Judy Rae Miller

Judy brings 25 years of high end real estate experience to the table. She actually was the owner of 1,389 properties sold in a single 2 hour auction. She has previously owned a Coldwell Banker franchise and Title Insurance Company. Her associations include Geno Paolucci, Ted Glasrud, Sr. and Roger Soderstrom – Founders and Developers of Heathrow, FL. She is an avid Equestrian enthusiast raising her own Arabian horses.

Jack Halkowich

A consummate, hands-on Real Estate Sales & Marketing guru with 30 years experience. From 3,000-unit Country Club PUD’s with 26 different villages and product types to 75-lot, single family communities to 500-unit luxury high rise condominiums, Jack has laid the foundation, jumped in mid stream and saw to fruition some of the most exciting and high-profile developments in Florida, Latin America and The Islands. Jack has been involved in over a Billion Dollars in real estate transactions. He has lead various projects with Donald Trump, Jorge Perez’s The Related Group of Florida – developers of City Place West Palm Beach FL, Bluegreen Communities in NC & GA, as well as projects in Colombia & the Brittish Virgin Islands.

Miguel A. Flores

Miguel is an Architect with 40 years of International experience. He has designed several high profile edifices including The Greatful Dead’s Jerry Garcia’s Mansion. His projects have taken him from Cabo in Mexico, to Guanajuato, to Mexico City to Marina DelRay, CA, TX, NM, AZ, & NV.

Richard D. Parkman

Richard is a General Contractor licensed in Florida with over 50 years of experience. He has built projects from California, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana to Florida. He was associated for 30 years with the Weitz Corp (Vulcan) the Nation’s Top 25 General Contractors. Richard was the Superintendent for Mel Simon’s $150M Palm Beach/Manalapan Ritz Carlton, Plaza Del Mar, Jupiter High School, Oak Harbor, Abbey Delray South & Harbor’s Edge.

Cheryl A. Stovall

Cheryl has 20 years experience in the real estate arena. Her areas of expertise include: research & analysis, planning, design, project management, marketing, advertising, public relations, operations and asset management. She was associated with AIMCO where she commanded projects Nationwide from 200 unit $10M CO projects to the 2,200 unit $900M Flamingo South Beach, Florida project with 3 Luxury Towers. She has managed projects with AIMCO in the following States: VA, OH, FL, IN, KY, AZ, AL, MN, GA, PA, MD, TN, TX Washington, DC & the Dreyfuss Brothers Portfolio Aquisition consisting of 3,000 units. She has consulted in Savu Savu, Fiji Islands.

Faye Craven

Faye has over 27 years experience, having co-pioneered the on-site management of over 7,000 condominiums thru various auction platforms. Ms. Craven has been responsible for the showing and auction day coordination of many of the most significant realty auctions in America. She has commanded events for such notable individuals & projects as:
• Lloyd Bentsen Jr., U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
• Norman Brinker, CEO – Brinker International, Chili’s, Steak & Ale, Macaroni Grill & past President of Burger King
• J. Duncan Smith, CEO – Sinclair Broadcasting
• Mark Mariani, CEO – Mariani Foods International
• Lanny Ross, CEO – Broadcom
• The View @ Chastain, Buckhead, GA

Her onsite responsibilities have included: Seller reporting, public relations, hospitality, logistics, broker coordinations, buyer relations, media liaison, communications, ballroom preparations & overall mastery of a seamlessly executed public showing of luxury realty assets.

Mark D. Parkman

Mark with 20 years of experience has developed three Planned Unit Developments: Water Towers, Park Place One and Park Place Two. He has horizontally developed land for Walmart. Mark received his first taste of the auction business in 1997 when he bought a Mackle property in Sebring, FL. He has since purchased & developed several properties from auctions. In addition, he farms 2,400 acres of crop lands. He is the President of Parkman Excavating, Inc. and Parkman Farms, Inc.

Baroness Inge Von Reith

Baroness Inge Von Reith is accustomed to the finer things in life having been raised in Austria, Vienna, Germany & Palm Beach. She speaks fluently in 6 languages. Her passion is the world of fine art auctions with over 50 years of experience. She is a Consultant with UeberGlobal. Her keen eye for detail has been developed over the years from her travels that have taken her to the Masters of the World or Ueber Luxury and Art – http://www.BaronessIngeVonReith.wordpress.comhttp://www.BaronessIngeVonReith.worwordpress.com

Steve T. Parkman

Steve has 25 years experience constructing & remodeling some of South Florida’s architectural land marks including the only AAA 5 Diamond Rated Oceanfront Resort & Golf Club in Palm Beach – The Breakers, Plaza Del Mar, Harbor’s Edge, Sand Hill Cove, Oak Harbor, (Henry) Kravis Center and US$ 81 Million Abbey Delray South. He was associated with The Weitz Corporation (Vulcan), America’s Top 25 General Contractors head quartered in Des Moines, IA with offices in West Palm Beach, FL and MW Builders as their National Luxury Student Housing Superintendent in Indiana, New Hampshire, Kansas & Texas/Mexico border erecting a Super Walmart.


Daniel M. Parkman, II (Danny)

Danny has traveled thru 19 states on his quest for knowledge and experience. His people skills are exceptional as is his wit and understanding of complex issues. He is quick to see solutions to obstacles and hidden issues. A well rounded competitor, athlete, outdoorsman, naturalists that loves the nautical world. His positive mental attitude is obvious the moment you meet him. Danny has apprenticed in the business since five years old and has always done so with contagious enthusiasm. He is a most valuable member of the UeberGlobal team.

F. David Parkman

David’s 30 year career in Technology has lead him from San Francisco to Boston where he deals with classified technology with M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) & with Lockheed Martin in Orlando. He is a Designer, Engineer and well versed with Cad-Cam applications and is a consultant with UeberGlobal.

Andy Holman

Andy has over 30 years executive experience with industry pioneers such as Merck Pharmaceuticals where he lead the nation in the roll out of Vytorin. He has received 45 Performance Awards as a result of his outstanding world class innovations. In addition, he is an outstanding fund raiser for such 501C3’s as the American Red Cross Vermont. His passions include cycling and skiing.


The Calhoun Museum & Mansion, 16-18 Meeting Street, Charleston, South Carolina sold 2 weeks prior to auction for $3.75M. Gedney Howe,III, a prominent lawyer and Helen Geer, a Christie’s Great Estates affiliate commissioned our staff to auction the “Biltmore of Charleston” the largest private residence in Charleston, South Carolina USA. In addition, the contents had sold for $1 Million. The 24,000 +/- square foot Calhoun Mansion, built in 1886, was owned by the Vice President of the United States John C. Calhoun’s grandson Patrick Calhoun. It has 35 rooms, grand ballroom, japanese water gardens, 16 fireplaces, 26 seat dining room table, 75 foot high domed ceiling, khoi pond, fountains, private elevator, 3 levels of piazzas, 11 chandeliers, 45 foot glass skylight, 14 foot high ceilings and 5 stories including the basement and the 90 foot cupola overlooking the Charleston Harbor. It has been featured in the movie “Notebook” staring James Garner, Forbes, A&E’s American Castles, HGTV Fantasy Open House, ABC’s The View, CNN, Associated Press, Bloomberg News, Architectural Digest, Wall Street Journal and Robb Reports 21 Gifts for the 21st Century. Also the TV mini-series North & South starring Elizabeth Taylor, Kirsti Alley, Patrick Swayze, Hal Holbrook, Lloyd Bridges, Gene Kelly, Robert Mitchum and Johnny Cash.


Andrew Jackson & John C. Calhoun

John C. Calhoun was Vice President under both Presidents John Quincy Adams & Andrew Jackson. Patrick Calhoun lived in New York, Atlanta, Cleveland, Charleston, and San Francisco. He owned 50,000 acres in Calhoun Falls, SC, utilities in Pittsburg & Philadelphia, oil fields in Texas, started the Trolley System in San Francisco, Rail Road systems across America, coal mine in KY. He was associated with John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan…..

jpmorgan chase founded 1799

George Peabody founder House of Morgan

Peabody ancestor founded House of Morgan:




Google News “This Big Old House”:

Gedney Howe,III – Seller and Lawyer authorized to practice law before the U.S. Supreme Court where he last argued a case against The US Coast Guard which ended in The US Supreme Court awarding Gedney Howe, III et al US$21 Million from The US Coast Guard:




Helen Lyles Geer – Christie’s Great Estates

See article link: DMPSR.Helen Geer Calhoun Mansion Sold ArticleDMPSR.Helen Geer Calhoun Mansion Sold Article
DMPSR.Helen Geer Calhoun Mansion Sold Article



St. Joe Land Co. Auctioned 10,000 Acres Panama City,Florida

St. Joe Land Co. is Florida’s largest land owner with over a million

acres of land. St. Joe & our staff auctioned 10,000 acres of land in

Panama City & Quincy, Florida www.joe.com .

Peter Rummell – CEO of St. Joe Corp

Peter Rummell was the Chairman during the auction of the St. Joe

Company (NYSE: JOE) http://ir.joe.com/overview.cfm?pagesect=letter.

Rummell also was past President of Jack Nicklaus Corp, NicklausMilstein Fund/NY Private Bank, Arvida, Hilton Head, Amelia Island, Rockefeller Center Management, Sawgrass, Walt Disney Imagineering and presently of Avalon Bay Communities.

Peter Rummell has been active in the real estate development industry for almost 40 years.

Rummell began his real estate career in 1971 with the Sea Pines Company, developers of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, and Amelia Island, Florida. Beginning in 1977, he was general manager of Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida for the Arvida Corporation. He joined the Rockefeller Center Management Corporation in New York as vice chairman in 1983, leaving in 1985 to become president of Disney Development Company. The Development Company was responsible for The Walt Disney Company’s non-theme park land, directing hotel and related development at the company’s theme park locations in Orlando, Anaheim, Paris and Tokyo. During Rummell’s 12-year tenure, Disney produced over 20,000 hotel rooms. The new town of Celebration, Florida was also a product of this focused development effort. Disney Development Company and Walt Disney Imagineering, the company’s design and creative division responsible for theme park development, were later merged and Rummell became chairman of the combined group, Walt Disney Imagineering.

In 1997, he left Walt Disney Imagineering and became chairman and chief executive officer of The St. Joe Company (NYSE:JOE) where he led the transition of St. Joe from a regional manufacturing conglomerate focused on paper making to a dynamic real estate company and place maker. He retired from St. Joe in 2008. Later in 2008, he became chief executive officer of Nicklaus Companies, founded by golf legend Jack Nicklaus, with services including golf-course design, development of golf and real estate communities, and marketing and licensing of golf products and services. He retired in August of 2009.

Rummell is on the board of AvalonBay Communities, the largest publicly traded apartment REIT in the United States and The Haskell Company, a privately held design-build organization headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, with business interests spanning the western hemisphere. He is also active in real estate advisory work for several clients.

Rummell is currently active and is past chairman of the Florida Council of 100, a nonpartisan organization of the state’s leading CEO’s. He is also past chairman and on the board of The Alliance for World Class Education, an advocate for public education in Northeast Florida. He is currently on the Advisory Board of Teach for America (Jacksonville Chapter), an innovative movement to eliminate education inequity. Rummell is the incoming chairman of the Urban Land Institute and immediate past chairman of the Urban Land Institute Foundation, the worldwide real estate organization promoting the intelligent use of land. He is the current chairman of the Jacksonville Civic Council, a CEO-based civic group dedicated to long-term growth and community betterment. Rummell was co-chairman of the Jacksonville Super Bowl Host Committee, which hosted Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005 and is currently on the board of the Florida Chamber of Commerce.

Rummell, 65, graduated from The Hill School, and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In 1971, he received a master of business administration degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Rummell and his wife, Lee Ann, have two children; Mahala Hunter (18) and Harry Stevenson II (16). They reside in Jacksonville, Florida.

Alfred I. DuPont founded the St. Joe Land Company in 1925

(heir to the Gunpowder, Chemicals & Rail Road DuPont Family Empire).


Actor Jimmy Stewart formerly owned the Ho O’mau 1,570 acre Ranch

in Kona, Hawaii. Guy Cobb was the highest bidder at the absolute

auction for $7.4M. The seller was Dr. Thomas Atwood. Jimmy Stewart

had honey mooned in Hawaii and later purchased the ranch where he

spent much of his time while in Hawaii. The ranch includes Macadamia

Orchards and such rare trees as Ohia, Sandalwood, Koa, ancient

Japanese Sugi Pines and 100-foot Loulu Palms.


Dr. Thomas Atwood – Seller

Actor Jimmy Stewart formerly owned Ho’Omau Ranch in Kailua-Kona’s Big Island of Hawaii

Estate Liquidation of 1,389 Properties @ Sebring, Florida

Mickey Miller had developed over 2,500 properties in Sebring Lakes &

Lake Placid, Florida. His estate is being liquidated by his son, Stephen

L. Miller. Steve & his wife, Judy Rae, are owners of the Coldwell

Banker Real Estate office, title and mortgage companies. The estate

consists of: a 45,788 square foot warehouse & a commercial office

building. In addition, there are land tracts and homesites as follows:

6 commercial land tracts totaling 55 acres, 101 acre and a quarter lots,

100 villa/duplex lots, 5 MH lots, 27 eighty foot lots and 1,148 forty foot

lots. All 1,389 properties sold & closed ! Guaranteed Seller Financing is

being offer at: 30% down, 70% LTV, 8.5% fixed rate, 5 year balloon

with a 10 year amortization schedule. Steve decided to commission our

services after he witnessed our success with Frank Mackle, III (the

Mackle Brothers sold 31,000 condos & houses; and sold 50,000

homesites in a single year – a World Record

http://www.themacklecompany.com ).

Judy Rae Miller

Judy Miller is http://heathrowrealty.com/judy_miller_bio.htm

associated with Heathrow Realty. Geno Paolucci & Ted Glasrud were

the Developers of Heathrow, Florida.

The staff in one a many ballrooms across the Western Hemisphere

In Kona, Hawaii

Ever wonder what 1,389 Sold Properties looks like @ auction ?

Answer: the Available Board is Empty !

Daniel, Irving & Roger Miller, Miami

Daniel, Irving & Roger Miller, Miami,FL – The Miller Group of Companies http://www.millergp.com consists of over 30 active real estate companies founded in 1951 by Irving E. Miller. Over the past 58 years The Miller Group has developed and/or sold over 250,000 acres of commercial and residential property in South and Northern Florida, built over 25 hotels, motels and apartment buildings, and constructed and owned over 3 million square feet of commercial property. For more than 20 years, Irving served as a strategic real estate advisor and partner with John D. MacArthur who was #3 on Forbes 400 http://www.macfound.org with $7 Billion in assets (America’s Top 10 Charitable 5013c). John was one of Florida’s largest owners of property and the owner of more than 13 insurance companies including Bankers Life & Casualty Insurance Company. Mr. Miller is also a principal of Bedford Capital Corp. a New York based investment banking firm. Mr. Miller is a graduate of Brown University and Boston University School of Law.

Irving is elder brother to Leonard Miller, founder of http://www.Lennar.com America’s largest builder & #1 Builder with U.S. $6 Billion in annual revenues.

Irving Miller is pleased to announce he has successfully closed out his Jupiter Farm Estates project, consisting of 100 properties, with W. Tom Christenson & Daniel M. Parkman, Sr. and their group. This was done by utilizing the close out exit strategy and implementing the luxury auction platform. Irving stated that “I was impressed with the aggressive marketing campaign and the tremendous results achieved”.

Frank Mackle, III , CEO of The Mackle Company http://www.themacklecompany.com . The Mackle Companies have been conducting business in Florida for 100 years. They were the original developers of Key Biscayne http://www.keylife.com/history/ . Mackle built and sold over 81,000 condominiums, homes, lots and the Key Biscayne Hotel & Villas. Mackle set a world record by having sold almost 50,000 homesites in a single year. Their enterprises owned or controlled more than 200,000 acres in Florida thru the Mackle Brothers, Deltona Corporation http://www.deltona.com and General Development (GDC).

The Mackle family developed 16 Master Planned Communities including: St. Augustine Shores, Tampa Palms http://www.tpoa.net , Port St. Lucie, Vero Beach Highlands, Port Charlotte, Sebastian Highlands, Vero Shores, Deltona Lakes, Sunny Hills, Marco Island,


Palm Bay, Port John, Marco Shores, Marion Oaks, Citrus Springs, Pine Ridge & Seminole Woods. These communities ranged in size from 2,000 to 15,000 acres.

Frank Mackle,III is pleased to announce he has successfully closed out his Meadowlake project, consisting of 43 properties, with W. Tom Christenson & Daniel M. Parkman, Sr. and their team. This was accomplished by utilizing the close out exit strategy and implementing the luxury auction platform. “The proceeds, on a net present value basis, exceeded my most optimistic projections for continuing to market the project” said Frank Mackle, III.

3 Florida Oceanfront, Beachside & Golf Projects Auctioned

George & Gretchen Anderson, Frank Durabi and Gerry Finke are

partners. They auctioned these 3 Oceanfront, Beachside and Golf

Projects. The trio are located in Florida @ Beachwalk on Vilano Beach,

Summer Island on St. Augustine Beach and Sherwood Oaks @ the

Monastery Golf & Country Club in Orange City. George Anderson is

also the Developer of the luxurious $150 million Wyndham Ocean Walk

Resort in Daytona Beach www.oceanwalk.com .

Topsail Island, Wilmington, North Carolina

5 North Carolina Coastline Communities were sold @ absolute auction

on behalf of several Developers. Amongst the sellers were: Charles Ross

of Holland & Knight http://www.hklaw.com (the World’s Top 10 Law Firm),

Lionel Yow, Esquire, John Elmore, III, Joel Tomaselli, Charlie

Mantooth and Richard Carlton.

The Northshore Golf & Country Club is the only coastal Carolinas 4

Star golf course rated by Golf Digest http://www.northshorecounrtyclub.com .

John Elmore, III, is also the Developer of the

http://www.portersneckcountryclub.com G&CC.

Joel Tomaselli, Charles Ross (Holland & Knight – World’s Top 10 Law Firms), John Elmore, III, Lionel Yow, Charlie

Mantooth & Richard Carlton @ the Hilton Ballroom, Wilmington, NC

(from Right to Left)

This event was a joint venture event between, the sellers, Daniel M.

Parkman, Sr. and local realtor Freddy Hayler who is also an

accomplished International Tenor that has cut a CD with the London

Philharmonic Orchestra.

6 South Carolina Projects @ Absolute Auction

Andrew Hsu of Overland National and his partner Chuan Wang of Socoland

Inc. had acquired a U.S. $110M portfolio of assets from the RTC. After

years of frustrating conventional unsatisfactory results in absorption and

pricing they elected to sell the remaining assets @ Absolute Auction.

Richard Steele

David Chase

Woodside Plantation Golf & Country Club, Aiken, SC

They had attended our Absolute Auction with Richard Steele. Andy &

Chuan were so impressed with the results at Richard’s exclusive gated

Woodside Plantation Golf & Country Club http://www.woodsideplantation.com

that they commissioned us to do the same for them at their 6 SC projects.

Richard uses Club Corporation of America to manage his G&CC

http://www.clubcorp.com/club/scripts/section/section.asp?NS=PCH&MFCODE=WOOPL&SUBGRP=15 .

Nicklaus Design http://www.nicklaus.com , Rees Jones, Fuzzy Zoeller, Clyde

Johnston, & Bob Cupp designed the 4 golf courses. The 40,000 square foot

club house is of a traditional architecture. Richard had acquired the G&CC

from David Chase (Forbes 400 http://www.chaseenterprises.com ). Richard is also

the Managing Member of Longmeadow Capital Partners, LLC

http://longmeadowcapital.com/team.html and Developer of Rainbow

Springs Golf & Country Club in Dunnellon, Florida

http://www.myrainbowspringsflorida.com/index.php .

Lark Jones, Mayor of North Augusta, SC

Lark Jones, the Mayor of North Augusta, SC

http://www.northaugusta.net/GOVT/mayorswelnew.htm was Andy &

Chuan’s closing attorney for this event. He has never seen so many closings

in just 1 month. Andy & Chuan had acquired the RTC portfolio with cash.

They wisely elected to offer Guaranteed Seller Financing with 30% down,

70% LTV, 9% fixed rates, 10 year amortizations ballooning in 5 years.

Thus, creating revenue streams / coupons to clip for up to 5 years with a

traunch of balloon payments maturing in 60 months.

Freeport, Grand Bahama Island $6,886,250

Pete Sibley, President of Carnival Resorts and Casinos (operated 90 Resorts & Casinos), a subsidiary of Carnival Cruise Ships (the World’s largest Cruise Ship Lines http://www.carnival.com ) and Lewis B. Freeman http://www.lbfmiami.com sold @ absolute auction U.S. $6.8M in luxury realty in the Bahamia Golf & Country Club & @ the Princess Isle Estates on the Caribbean ocean. Pete’s Driftwood, LLC sold 27 oceanfront and canal estate-sized homesites on a spectacular Grand Bahama peninsula, along with 3 additional deepwater dockage canal homesites, 10 golf course multifamily or single family homesites and two 10.5 acre golf course multi-family tracts. In just 14 days 900 inquiries from 14 Nations had occurred. There were 39 registered bidders from 6 States as well as Jamaica and Bermuda.

Sir Freddie Laker, Founder of Laker Airways is a resident in Princess Isles. Located on the 60-acre peninsula stretch along a mile of beachfront and inland waterways of Princess Isle on Grand Bahama Island, each oceanfront estate has unparalleled waterfront views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The canal sites provide superb deep water boat dockage. All sites are designed to easily accommodate yachts of up to 165 feet. Princess Isle, one of the most prestigious locations on Grand Bahama Island. The International Bazaar and Port Lucaya Marketplace feature numerous shopping and dining opportunities featuring “Paris in the Bahamas.”

Five hundred full International Banking facilities guarantee banking secrecy as well as a tax-free environment. Princess Isle owners are eligible for Permanent Resident status. Frequent international air service is available through Grand Bahama International Airport.

The Bahamia Casino & Resort, Golf & Country Club is where Howard Hughes died.

Lee Mills, Peter Sibley & Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.

The Preserve of Don Pedro Island, Florida

This Shangri-La is only accessible by helicopter, yacht or ferry located

just north of Captiva & Sanibel Islands. No cars are allowed in this

exclusive community, only golf carts. The Developers of The Preserve

consist of: Art Kingsbury (retired Boston Globe executive

http://www.boston.com , Barbara Knox of Michael Saunders Realty

http://www.michaelsaunders.com & Richard Leydon of http://www.flgproperty.com

Celebrating another Auction Success: Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.,

Barbara, Ken, Anne, Nancy, Richard

Leydon, Helen, Shirley, Art Kingsbury, Virginia Oros & Tom

(from left to right).

The Flying M Ranch, Sold @ Absolute Auction

The World Class Fly-In Equestrian Facility consists of a 10,000 sq. ft.

Manse, Airplane Hangar FAA Approved 4,000 foot airstrip Runway

http://www.pilotoutlook.com/airport/FLORIDA/FD49 , RV Garage,

50,000 square feet of Equestrian Stables with 50-Plus Stalls, 2 Office

Suites, 2 Covered Show Areas, 8 Cross-Fenced Pastures, 12 Paddocks

which are all located on The Flying M Ranch consisting of 167 acres (30

minutes from Ocala, FL).

S.E. Montgomery sold The Flying M Ranch @ Absolute Auction to an

Entrepreneur from Tampa, FL. S.E. had been the President of the

largest Trucking Enterprise in Central Florida since the 1960’s

completing Government Contracts for the State of Florida, several

Central Florida Counties, Corporations and Private Interests.

Brickstone Heights Luxury Condominium Project, Buckhead, GA

Brookwood Place Luxury Project, Buckhead, GA

Jay T. Clark & Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.

BUCKHEAD, ATLANTA, GEORGIA . . . Southeast Capital Partners –( www.secpartners.com with $2Billion in developments) and Fidelity Investments (the Country’s largest Mutual Fund with $1.5 Trillion in assets – www.fidelity.com ) sold Twenty magnificent townhomes and condominiums in the prestigious Atlanta communities of Brickstone Heights and Brook Wood Place, for a collective price of $6,094,250 or an average of just over $300,000 per unit. A total of 77 bidders attended, each of whom was required to bring $40,000 in certified funds for the townhomes to bid. This success was accomplished 2 months after the tragedy of 9/11.
“The success of today’s auction shows the pent-up demand for high end condos in Atlanta,” said Daniel Parkman. “Over the past 10 days we have given more than 550 tours. In the past 12 months, the developer had given only 192 tours. With the success of selling condos via the auction process, there is no logical reason for developers to hold on to excess inventory.”

Jay was also a Co-Founder of www.ARAUSA.com with $5.3 Billion in annual multi-family sales volume Nationwide. Apartment Realty Advisors (ARA) is the largest privately held, full-service investment advisory brokerage firm in the nation that focuses exclusively on the multi-family housing industry.

With the appeal of an urban village, the spectacular BrookWood Place on Peachtree Street offers the comforts of a walking neighborhood along with the perks of city living. The award-winning, gated community in the heart of Buckhead is pedestrian and pet friendly, with wide sidewalks, dog-walking areas, and retail shops nearby, while capturing the art lover and athlete with water fountains and a putting green. This prestigious Peachtree address is comprised of 112 condominium homes and 26 townhomes. Brickstone Heights is a stunning, 13-acre gated community featuring 53 brick townhomes.

Harbour Watch, Tampa Bay, Florida

John Hill, Jr. sold out the Harbour Watch project at absolute auction

including his personal manse. The gated project is located in Tarpon

Springs and overlooks Tampa Bay www.harbourwatch.net .

Tampa Bay water front manse sold @ Absolute Auction

John Hill, Jr.

John was the Managing Director and Head of the

Investment Banking Technology Group, which he co-founded in 1991 at

Raymond James & Associates, Inc www.raymondjames.com , when we

conducted the auction for him. Prior to this, John was employed by

Morgan Stanley in the Mergers & Acquisitions Group in New York

City www.morganstanley.com . Currently, John is a co-founder and

Senior Managing Director of Hyde Park Capital Partners, LLC. During

his career, Mr. Hill has executed hundreds of transactions, in aggregate

totaling more than $5 Billion, including numerous mergers and

acquisitions, financial advisory engagements, initial and secondary

public offerings, private placements of equity and debt securities and

fairness opinions.

http://www.hydeparkcapital.com/Team/ProfessionalTeam.aspx?BiographyId=11 .



Jay T. Clark & Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.

Southeast Capital Partners
333 Riverwood Parkway, Suite 250
Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: 404 504 0500

Mr. Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.

I wanted to follow up with you concerning the auction you conducted for two of our entities last December.

I had interviewed four companies including your company in October of last year. I quickly came to a conclusion after our first interview. The experience and the professionalism from our first meeting to the day of the auction proved my decision to be correct. We had more traffic in 10 days than we had the previous 11 months of 2002. We had 77 registered bidders, 550 tours of traffic and your decision to hold it at one of the club houses versus offsite was a wise move. This level of success, $6M for 20 condos, was accomplished two months after the 9/11 Crisis.

In the event I ever conduct an auction again, I will make one phone call to you to work out the details.

Again, thank you for your company’s hard work and best of luck on your future pursuits.


Jay T. Clark


jay t clark

Jay T. Clark, CEO

Jay T. Clark is the CEO and founder of Southeast Capital Partners and is highly regarded as an expert in the multi-family/residential marketplace throughout the Southeast. Including current projects, he has been the General Partner on over $500 million of residential acquisitions and developments. His experience includes property management, finance, acquisition, construction, development, redevelopment and marketing. Since April 2000, Mr. Clark has focused exclusively on SECP after successfully selling his real estate brokerage operation that he had founded in 1993 (Apartment Realty Advisors). During his tenure in the brokerage business, Mr. Clark had underwritten and sold more than $1.8 billion in apartments. Mr. Clark’s combined experience in development, brokerage and property management provides him with the ability to address both the short and long term goals for a successful development. He focuses on the real estate development and redevelopment process and is an expert in community and site identification. He attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where he received a degree in Business Administration and was certified as a Certified Public Accountant in 1986. Mr. Clark is a licensed Georgia real estate broker and is a member of the National Multi-Family Housing Council. He serves as a board member for various local Atlanta charities.

Endorsements of Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.

Daniel M. Parkman, Sr. & Frank Mackle, III

“Our net proceeds from the auction, on a present value basis, exceeded even our most optimistic projections for continuing to market the project.”………. Frank Mackle III, World Record holder for homesites having sold 50,000 lots in one year, owned 200,000 acres in Florida. Founders of Mackle Brothers, General Development & Deltona Corp.

Daniel M. Parkman, Sr. & Irving Miller

Irving, Roger Miller & Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.

“We had a very pleasant experience……………….I am delighted we did so.”
Irving Miller, CEO The Miller Group www.MillerGP.com , 20 years partner with John D. MacArthur (#3 Forbes 400 USA & founded MacArthur Foundation $7Billion www.MacFound.org ), brother to founder Leonard Miller (Lennar $6 Billion annual sales, the largest in U.S. Builders and Developers – www.Lennar.com )

Richard Steele

David T. Chase – Forbes 400

“The auction resulted in our selling out phase 1, which has had a dramatic
and positive effect on sales in our newly opened phase 2. In fact, we are
achieving record sales this year.” ……..David Chase (Forbes 400) www.chaseenterprises.com Woodside
Plantation G&CC near Augusta National, Jack Nicklaus
www.nicklaus.com designed &
Club Corp of America
www.clubcorp.com managed (The World Leader in Private Clubs)- Rick Steele – Managing Partner,
Hartford, CT
www.woodsideplantation.com now Managing Member of Longmeadow Capital www.longmeadowcapital.com

Brickstone, Buckhead, GA – Georgia’s most expensive zip code

“Quite pleased with the results and your performance.”…..Brian Collins,
Fidelity Investments (largest U.S. Mutual Fund US $ 4.2 Trillion in assets) Brickstone & Brickwood Projects, Buckhead, Atlanta,GA
www.fidelity.com Boston, MA

Lee Mills, Peter Sibley & Daniel M. Parkman, Sr. in the Bahamas

“Outstanding International marketing campaign with grand profits.”……….
Peter Sibley,Principal of Lewis B. Freeman www.lbfmiami.com and
past President of Carnival Resorts & Casinos ( a subsidiary, with 90 Resorts & Casinos, of the World’s Largest Carnival Cruise Lines – $4.5 Billion annual revenues) & Gene Bruey,Driftwood Partners, Princess Isles & Bahamia G&CC , Freeport, Grand Bahamas, –
www.carnival.com – Miami, FL

Charles Ross

“I was initially skeptical….ultimately I gained considerable confidence
…….found you and your colleagues to be highly ethical and professional
……high level of skill, effort and dedication evidenced by you…..ultimately
impressed us the most.”…Charles Ross, former senior Lawyer with the World’s Top 10 Law Firm, Holland & Knight , St. Petersburg, FL www.HKLaw.com now owner of Mediation Law Firm www.RossMediations.com

Leslie Alexander – Forbes 400
“We almost auctioned off Ocean Club Village on Topsail Island, NC………. instead I ended up buying the Vanderbilt Ranch, Mount Shasta, CA from you at auction.”…….
Leslie Alexander, Forbes 400 & owner Houston Rockets, Boca Raton, Florida & The Hamptons, NY www.nba.com/rockets

Peter Rummell-St. Joe Land Co.

“We quietly observed your events for 2 years before we were convinced to
strike an agreement….we chose your group over other auction companies.”
…….Peter Rummell, Everitt Drew and John Weidenhaft, St. Joe Land Co., founded by Alfred DuPont (Largest Private Florida land holder 1 million acres) Jacksonville & Tallahassee, FL www.joe.com Peter Rummell past President of St. Joe Land Co., Walt Disney Imagineering, Rockefeller Center Management Corp., Hilton Head, Arvida, Amelia Island,The Nicklaus Corporation www.nicklaus.com, NicklausMilstein Investment Fund/NY Private Bank and now Avalon Bay Communities.

Jay T. Clark & Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.

“I had interviewed four auction companies and was immediately impressed
by your experience. If I ever need to auction again I will make only one call
to you.”…….Jay Clark, Southeast Capital Partners – Brickstone, Atlanta, GA with $2 Billion in developed projects.
www.secpartners.com Jay was also a Co-Founder of www.ARAUSA.com with $5.3 Billion in annual multi-family sales volume Nationwide. Apartment Realty Advisors (ARA) is the largest privately held, full-service investment advisory brokerage firm in the nation that focuses exclusively on the multi-family housing industry.

jay t clark
Jay T. Clark, CEO

Jay T. Clark is the CEO and founder of Southeast Capital Partners and is highly regarded as an expert in the multi-family/residential marketplace throughout the Southeast. Including current projects, he has been the General Partner on over $500 million of residential acquisitions and developments. His experience includes property management, finance, acquisition, construction, development, redevelopment and marketing. Since April 2000, Mr. Clark has focused exclusively on SECP after successfully selling his real estate brokerage operation that he had founded in 1993 (Apartment Realty Advisors). During his tenure in the brokerage business, Mr. Clark had underwritten and sold more than $1.8 billion in apartments. Mr. Clark’s combined experience in development, brokerage and property management provides him with the ability to address both the short and long term goals for a successful development. He focuses on the real estate development and redevelopment process and is an expert in community and site identification. He attended the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where he received a degree in Business Administration and was certified as a Certified Public Accountant in 1986. Mr. Clark is a licensed Georgia real estate broker and is a member of the National Multi-Family Housing Council. He serves as a board member for various local Atlanta charities.

Don Pedro Island Developers Celebration

“Your representations were conservative……I would like to express my
appreciation for your honesty and integrity.”……Arthur Kingsbury, retired
Boston Globe Board Director, the Preserve of Don Pedro Island Gasparilla/
Captiva/Sanibel, FL – www.boston.com

Harlan Horton – Closing Attorney

“So effective that the entire community was sold out prior to the auction
…….found your team to be of high standard and character …….one of the
buyers flew in with his own Gulfstream IV.”…….Harlan Horton, Closing Attorney for
the Wintertree Project, Farmville, VA www.durrettebradshaw.com/sub/harlan-horton.jsp

Gendey Howe, III –

Gedney Howe,III – Seller and Lawyer authorized to practice law before the U.S. Supreme Court where he last argued a case against The US Coast Guard which ended in The US Supreme Court awarding Gedney Howe, III et al US$21 Million from The US Coast Guard:



“After several years of just listing the Calhoun Mansion and interviewing several leading auction houses we struck a deal that resulted in the largest house in Charleston, SC being sold two weeks prior to your auction”. Gedney Howe,III who is authorized to practice law before The United States Supreme Court. www.GedneyHowe.com

Howard Lefkowitz

“Quite satisfied with the results of our Tuska Ridge Auction.” Howard Lefkowitz, CEO of Leeds Holdings having developed 12 communities totaling 5,000 home sites and 3 million square feet of commercial use properties.
www.LeedfsHoldings.com – Orlando/Maitland, FL

Lark W. Jones – Mayor of North Augusta & Closing Attorney
“We initially contacted you as our Broker heard of the success you
experienced at the 2,000 acre Woodside Plantation….impressed our closing
attorney, Lark Jones, who is the Mayor of North Augusta.”
Chuan Wang, Socoland Inc., North Augusta, SC


Helen Lyles Geer – Christie’s Great Estates

“As the Christie’s Great Estates Leading Luxury Broker I had Charleston’s largest private residence, The Calhoun Mansion, listed for about 5 years. The owner, Gedney Howe, III & I had interviewed several of America’s top auction houses and with confidence chose your team. The end result is that you sold the manse 2 weeks prior to auction. The irony was that your buyer was a Washington, DC attorney who had auctioned his own National Historic Landmark, The Berry Hills Plantation in VA previously with your associates. Thanks to your proprietary data base and constant insights the mission was accomplished with great care and discretion”.

See article link: DMPSR.Helen Geer Calhoun Mansion Sold ArticleDMPSR.Helen Geer Calhoun Mansion Sold Article
DMPSR.Helen Geer Calhoun Mansion Sold Article

Jan Hope – VP of The National Association of Realtors

” Congratulations on your $3M sealed bid auction…..the brochures are first
class and informative……I’ll keep my eyes on your Wall Street Journal
ads.”………Jan Hope, VP, National Association of Realtors,
NAR – Chicago, IL www.realtor.org

Judy Rae Miller – Owner of 1,389 properties, a Coldwell Banker franchise and Highlands Title Insurance Company

“Sold 1,389 homesites, 45,000 sq.ft. warehouse, office building and
and commercial land tracts in one afternoon……..promotional dollars well
spent as the responses showed……thank you for a job well done.”
Judy Rae & Steve Miller, Sebring, FL www.heathrowrealty.com/judy_miller_bio.htm

Wayne Clark – Developer and Builder of PUDS on Lake Lanier, GA

“Everyone I talk to can’t believe just how much property in the 3 projects
we sold…..marketing masters bar none.”……..Wayne Clark, Lake Lanier, GA.

Eph Diamond – Cadillac Fairview & White Castle

“We had more traffic in 2 weeks at Key Marco than over the past years.”
Eph Diamond, Cadillac Fairview & White Castle – Elmer Kim, C.F.O. Toronto, Canada www.WhiteCastle.ca

Vic Schroeder & Daniel M. Parkman, Sr. ($7.75M Condominiums sold Buckhead, Atlanta,GA)

“Your team came highly recommended. We interviewed several auction groups. The amount of integrity, insight and progressive planning kept the system fine tuned. The net result was nearly $8 million in sales breaking several project records in the process.” Vic was appointed by U.S. President Ronald Reagan to head The U.S. Synthetic Energies Department with an annual budget of $84 Billion. Vic also developed the world’s first Chick-Fil-A with Truett Cathy. Vic as VP of Noble Properties developed Georgia’s most expensive zip code – Buckhead including the following landmarks: Phipps Plaza, Lenox Square, Sheraton , Atlanta Financial Center & The View @ Chastain Luxury Condominium project.


Ed Noble, founder of Noble Properties, Daniel Parkman & Vic Schroeder

The largest shopping center in the South

On May 22, 1956, the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation purchased the land, and Ed Noble chose it as the site for a shopping center. Joyeuse was demolished and the “big stone hill” where Creek Indians had ground their corn and generations of privileged Atlantans had picnicked and played was dynamited.

Clearing for Lenox Square began in July 1957 and grading the following December. On June 28, 1958, Lenox Square, designed by architect Joe Amisano, one of the pioneers of modernism in Atlanta, was completed. The grand opening was held in August 1959. The center was anchored by two department stores (Rich’s and Davison’s) that were joined by a landscaped mall and plaza and flanked by 60 specialty shops, a Colonial grocery store, bowling alley and movie theater. It was, in the words of Atlanta newspapers, the largest regional shopping center south of New York. The slogan was “Everything’s there at Lenox Square.” The center’s somewhat space-age design included a Gulf Service Station at the corner of East Paces Ferry and Lenox roads that many likened to a UFO, flaring arches over the central open-air mall, a bank drive-through with wing-like awnings and parking lot light poles festooned with large balls in different colors to help shoppers remember where they left their cars. Fourth of July fireworks shows began in 1960.

Lenox Road, which used to be level with the property, is now above it. The Marriott Hotel stands on the site of the old stable, riding ring and World War II victory garden.


Vivian Dubose Noble Properties Buckhead GA.jpg

Vivian DuBose, President of Noble Properties & daughter of it’s Chairman & Founder Ed Noble, Buckhead, GA

At 60, Buckhead Business Association comes of age

John Emlore, II – Developer of Lumina Station,Wilmington, NC – Osprey Cove,Topsail Island – North Shore G&CC – Porter’s Neck G&CC & Spec Mansions in Beaver Creek, CO

“Sold 4 Star Golf Digest rated Northshore G&CC and Ocean Club
Village…..and $1.1Million prior to auction.” John Elmore II, Wilmington, NC
Developer of www.porters-neck.com www.northshorecountryclub.com

“I interviewed several first class auction teams. We had a great turn out. The auction event turned into a celebration party that we all enjoyed.” John Hill, closed out his Harbour Watch, Tarpon Springs/Tampa Bay, Florida project. John is Founder and Partner @ www.hydeparkcapital.com former Executive @ www.RaymondJames.com , www.MorganStanley.com and www.IBM.com

Ocean Walk – Daytona Beach, FL

“Thanks for selling out our 3 Oceanfront and Golf projects…..you
commanded our respect from our initial consulation meeting…..we
had placed our trust in the hands of seasoned masters.”
George D. & Gretchen Anderson, Daytona Beach, FL
George is also Developer of $150M project www.oceanwalk.com

Thoroughbred Lakes PUD, Wellington, FL – an Art Falcone – Transeastern Project

“Congratulations on our success…….impressed with results…….gained my
confidence ….kept well informed……satisfied that I entrusted you………….
would highly recommend leveraging your masters of marketing skills.”
John Cirino, Biltmore Lake Estates, Lantana, FL. Art Falcone of Transeastern developed this property into the 150 Home PUD: www.thoroughbredlakeslakeworth.com

“Our partnership had discussed your program for 3 years….our only regret
is not having signed up our 3 projects with you sooner.”
June Gaines Blanton – Lake Lanier, GA

“Impressed us by the attention shown to us during the entire transaction….
continued to gain our trust and respect……grand opening & close-out the
same day.”…..Gail Kent, Lake Pierce Dev. Corp., Lago Vista, Haines City, FL

“Most pleased with your aggressive marketing campaign……including
billboards, newspapers, cable tv ads, direct mailing and on-site
representation.” Joel Tomaselli, Sea Horse Homes, Topsail Island, NC
Developer of www.luminastation.com

“Our confidence in your reputation was such that we signed the auction
agreement with out even meeting you……..exceptional traffic of 600………
………thanks for the enthusiasm and consistency shown to us.”…….
Charles Mantooth, Villa Capriani Resort, Topsail Island, NC www.bellalunabistro.com

“Entire process ran like clockwork in our 6 projects…….impressed by the
professional manner all details were handled……..thanks for the integrity
and consideration shown to us.”….
Andrew Hsu, Overland National, Monrovia, CA

“Sold for as much as 115% of list price…………..excellent results
…………………….commanded our respect…….gladly recommend your
accelerated strategies.” Hector Torres, Nortech Systems, Boca Raton, FL
Developer of Mizner Forest

“After only one hour all the property was sold………..the media blitz realized
more traffic than we experienced in the past 3 years……………..were very
impressed with the organization and professionalism.”
Steve Corsetti, Marvi Engineering Corp., Clearwater, FL
Developer of Heritage Crest & AJ Catfish Restaurant

“Your professionalism and knowledge of the business was apparent in the
way the entire process was conducted, from the initial contact to the follow
– up after the auction was complete.”
Lionel Yow, Northshore G&CC, Wilmington, NC
Lawyer with www.yfmlaw.com

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Artist, Actress, Philanthropist & Multilingual World Traveler

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