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U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young & Atlanta Mayor for 1996 Olympics & Investor w James Makawa @ Africa Channel
U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young & Atlanta Mayor for 1996 Olympics & Investor w James Makawa @ The Africa Channel ( http://www.AfricaHD.com )

Minister, Former Mayor, City of Atlanta
1st Black UN Ambassador, 1st Black Congressman from the South since Reconstruction; Confidant of Dr. Martin Luther King

UN Ambassador Andrew Young, NBA Star Dikembe Mutumbo & James Makawa (2 Investors and the Founder/CEO of http://www.TheAfricaChannel.com ; see Now http://www.AfricaHD.com )

Andrew Young at the shooting of Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Lorraine Motel, Memphis, TN 1968

Shockingly, the aides-Andrew Young, Jesse Jackson, James Bevel, and Samuel “Billy” Kyles-say that despite witnessing everything that unfolded that evening, “no authority from the Memphis Police, the Tennessee State Police or the FBI have ever asked them a single question.”

Andrew Young @ right closing casket.


Daniel Parkman, Freddie Booker & James Makawa, CEO & Founder of The Africa Channel (Washington DC TAC Comcast launch)


James Makawa


James Makawa, Andrew Young & Dikembe Mutombo (NBA & TAC Investors)

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The Andrew J. Young Foundation is an extension of Ambassador Young’s vision, values and virtues that continue to inspire leaders around the world to work toward a global community of peace, prosperity and inclusion. The Foundation embodies his philosophy of creative nonviolence, exemplary of his work as pastor, civil rights leader, diplomat, politician and humanitarian ‒ establishing a model and legacy of effective servant leadership for current and future leaders in Atlanta, America and the world. The Foundation seeks to share lessons of the past with students from pre-K to graduate school, providing scholarships, producing documentaries and working with a variety of strategic partners to communicate possibilities and develop leaders for an ever-changing world.


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Oprah Winfrey & Ambassador Andrew Young