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Daniel, Irving & Roger Miller, Miami

Daniel, Irving & Roger Miller, Miami, FL – The Miller Group of Companies http://www.millergp.com consists of over 30 active real estate companies founded in 1951 by Irving E. Miller. Over the past 58 years The Miller Group has developed and/or sold over 250,000 acres of commercial and residential property in South and Northern Florida, built over 25 hotels, motels and apartment buildings, and constructed and owned over 3 million square feet of commercial property. For more than 20 years, Irving served as a strategic real estate advisor and partner with John D. MacArthur who was #3 on Forbes 400 http://www.macfound.org with $7 Billion in assets (America’s Top 10 Charitable 501C3). John was one of Florida’s largest owners of property and the owner of more than 13 insurance companies including Bankers Life & Casualty Insurance Company. Mr. Miller is also a principal of Bedford Capital Corp. a New York based investment banking firm. Mr. Miller is a graduate of Brown University and Boston University School of Law.

Irving is elder brother to Leonard Miller, founder of http://www.Lennar.com America’s largest builder & #1 Builder with U.S. $6 Billion in annual revenues.

Irving Miller is pleased to announce he has successfully closed out his Jupiter Farm Estates project, consisting of 100 properties, with W. Tom Christenson & Daniel M. Parkman, Sr. and their group. This was done by utilizing the close out exit strategy and implementing the luxury auction platform. Irving stated that “I was impressed with the aggressive marketing campaign and the tremendous results achieved”.

In addition, Larry Landry was the CFO of The MacArthur Foundation and ITT. Larry’s spouse, Jan, was our Comptroller at CEAC. They were former resinences of Westborough, MA where my Great Grandfather, Reverend Elias Parkman was Minister and Alum of Harvard in 1717.

Further, my then fiance , Brenda & I attended the Annual LDS Singles Valentines Ball at The Collonades Hotel, Palm Beach Shores, where John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur resided. Now a Marriott Resort. Bill Marriott, Jr. I meet with Roderick Davies, brother to Anne Davies Romney, Mitt Romney’s wife.

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