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Daniel M. Parkman, Sr. & Frank Mackle, III

In Ballrooms across the Western Hemisphere

Kona, Hawaii Auction Staff

In the current economic climate and real estate cycle that we find America and the World in, there is an avalanche of assets reminiscent of the RTC days creating a unfilled void or vacuum for our team to relaunch our platforms once again to facilitate the conversion, acquisition, joint venture, flipping, financing, work outs, turn arounds, consultations, marketing, mitigations and feasibilities of real estate assets, portfolios, players, projects and properties.

The last RTC cycle in the 1980’s and 1990’s the RTC’s Chairman, Bill Siedman, closed down 1,200 Financial Institutions / Savings & Loans and liquidated their assets to the tune of U.S.$400,000,000,000 in America. Our staff played several Key Executive roles in that RTC process. Bank of America projects that their REOs shall increase by 800% ! The FDIC has just opened several new regional offices in Chicago and Jacksonville for example. Each office is 100,000 square feet and commands a staff of 100. Why the new offices ? In essence a new RTC II Sequel is the essential resolution with a projected US $4 Trillion in Residential and US $4 Trillion in Commercial realty for a total of US $8 TRILLION to be auctioned off over the next 5-10 years in America alone.

Our senior staff members have an average range of tenure in their specialized industries of 20 – 30 years. This translates to in excess of 400 years of combined experience & talent. Our highly sought after Senior Core Staff consists of 10 – 20 and expands with support staff to 100+ nationwide. They are not only Captian’s of their industries, spheres of influence, continue to pioneer cutting edge technologies and applications, but are experts at implementing these stratagems enabling UeberGlobal extra ordinary results………come join the future now………..and our clients successes including: the Forbes 400, Fortune 500, Public and Private Institutions, Governments & cross sections of Individuals, Public & Private Entities of the World…….

Daniel M. Parkman, Sr.
Philanthropist, Facilitator, Promoter, Activist, Financier, Mediator, Publisher, Envoy, Factor, Arbitrator, Founder, Chairman, President & CEO of UeberGlobal

In his 30 year real estate career he has been associated with DeBartolo Financial and the Weitz Corporation (the 155 year old top U.S. 25 General Contractors) that built the Ritz Carlton for Mel Simon in Palm Beach/Manalapan. He has auctioned 2,300 properties across the Western Hemisphere. His foot print extends from Hawaii to the Caribbean and from Mexico to Canada. Daniel and his associates portfolios values exceeds U.S.$ 5 Trillion in luxury assets globally.

The Media World, such as The Associated Press, records and reports his words thru print, publishing and video platforms.

Past clients include: Fidelity Investments ($4.5 Trillion in assets – the Nation’s largest mutual fund), Chuck Ross of Holland & Knight (World’s top 10 law firm), Christie’s (World’s largest Auctioneers with $75 Billion in annual luxury real estate sales Globally), Frank Mackle III (World record holder of homesite sales having sold 50,000 lots in a single year), Irving Miller of the $7 Billion MacArthur Foundation and Lennar family – the Nation’s largest Developers with $6 Billion in revenues, Leslie Alexander (Forbes 400 & owner of the Houston Rockets), David Chase (Forbes 400), Lark Jones (Mayor of North Augusta), Arthur Kingsbury (Boston Globe retired), Dick Greco (Mayor of Tampa), Peter Rummell (former President of Walt Disney Imagineering, Rockefeller Center & the Jack Nicklaus Corporation, Hilton Head, Arvida) and the St. Joe Corporation founded by Alfred I. DuPont, Southeast Capital Partners with $2 Billion in projects, Pete Sibley (past President of Carnival (with 90) Resorts & Casinos/Driftwood); Vic Schroeder VP of Noble Properties (Founders & Developers of the zip code/Buckhead,GA including Lenox Square Mall, Phipps Plaza, Buckhead Sheraton, The View @ Chastain Luxury Condo Project & Atlanta Financial Center) U.S. President Ronald Reagan appointed Vic as the Head of U.S. Synthetic Energies Department with an annual budget of $84 Billion, Vic also developed the first Chick-fil-A for Truett Cathy; Randall Rollins Developers of The Jamaican Ritz Carlton known as Rose Hall/The White Witch and Founders of the Orkin Corp; and Jason Frank Sr.V.P. of Regions Bank, to name a few.

Daniel has been retired since November 2007 and living on his antique sailboat over the past year. His hobbies are anything outdoors, high adventure, and his bucket list grows as he discovers new challenges and considers Sir Richard Branson a mentor of sorts in that regard. A Father of 5 children, Grandfather of 4 and eldest brother of 12 siblings, he learned the art of negotiations, mediations & people skills at the young age of 11 as his parents divorced. As a visionary he simply seeks to help his fellow man (“Connecting Life’s Dots”) . He embraces and seeks challenges as a problem solver by nature. He thrives in arenas most executives try to avoid. His passions include all that encompasses one of his life’s mottos: “Healing the earth and the inhabitants therein”. Let there be only 6 “F” words you remember that best describe Daniel’s philosophy for life: “Faith, Family & Friends” and ” Fun, Funner and Funnest”……..

Gordon Greene

In his 25 year real estate brokerage career Gordon J. Greene has been one of the pioneers in implementing real estate auction strategies with such innovations as auctioning of condominiums and the national commercial auction format.

Gordon has been involved in 1,100 real estate auctions in 40 states, the provinces of Canada, as well as the Bahamas, yielding sales of commercial and unique real property in excess of $3.75 billion. He is licensed in 31 U.S. States & Canadian Provinces.

Robert K. Smith

Robert has been a pioneer for over 25 years in the Florida auction industry. He holds Florida Auctioneer license number AU – 007, the seventh license first issued by the State of Florida. Robert has conducted auctions in thirty-two States. He is licensed in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania and has been active in selling real estate in Florida since 1983.

His experience includes managing and conducting auction campaigns for: Nelson Bunker Hunt, son of H.L. Hunt – Texas Oil Billionaire who was #1 Forbes Global 400 – the Wealthiest man in the World at his death, RTC, FDIC, HUD, Corporate America, Financial Institutions and the private sector.

Michael Darling

Michael Darling has 25 years of luxury experience in the auction world. One of several of his high profile clients includes Donald Trump. In 1992 Michael was the Project Manager for closing out the remaining 58 luxury condominiums at Trump Plaza in West Palm Beach, Florida located on Flagler Drive. He orchestrated 3 live auctions simultaneously between 3 ballrooms in 3 different State locations: New York, Chicago and West Palm Beach. The end result in 2 hours $19M in sales & the project was sold out !

Judy Rae Miller

Judy brings 25 years of high end real estate experience to the table. She actually was the owner of 1,389 properties sold in a single 2 hour auction. She has previously owned a Coldwell Banker franchise and Title Insurance Company. Her associations include Geno Paolucci, Ted Glasrud, Sr. and Roger Soderstrom – Founders and Developers of Heathrow, FL. She is an avid Equestrian enthusiast raising her own Arabian horses.

Jack Halkowich

A consummate, hands-on Real Estate Sales & Marketing guru with 30 years experience. From 3,000-unit Country Club PUD’s with 26 different villages and product types to 75-lot, single family communities to 500-unit luxury high rise condominiums, Jack has laid the foundation, jumped in mid stream and saw to fruition some of the most exciting and high-profile developments in Florida, Latin America and The Islands. Jack has been involved in over Billion Dollars in real estate transactions. He has lead various projects with Donald Trump, Jorge Perez’s The Related Group of Florida – developers of City Place West Palm Beach FL, Bluegreen Communities in NC & GA, as well as projects in Columbia & the Brittish Virgin Islands.

Miguel A. Flores

Miguel is an Architect with 40 years of International experience. He has designed several high profile edifices including The Greatful Dead’s Jerry Garcia’s Mansion. His projects have taken him from Cabo in Mexico, to Guanajuato, to Mexico City to Marina DelRay, CA, TX, NM, AZ, & NV.

Richard D. Parkman

Richard is a General Contractor licensed in Florida with over 50 years of experience. He has built projects from California, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana to Florida. He was associated for 17 years with the Weitz Corp the Nation’s Top 25 General Contractors. Richard was the Superintendent for Mel Simon’s $150M Palm Beach/Manalapan Ritz Carlton, Plaza Del Mar, Jupiter High School, Oak Harbor, Abbey Delray South & Harbor’s Edge.

Cheryl A. Stovall

Cheryl has 20 years experience in the real estate arena. Her areas of expertise include: research & analysis, planning, design, project management, marketing, advertising, public relations, operations and asset management. She was associated with AIMCO where she commanded projects Nationwide from 200 unit $10M CO projects to the 2,200 unit $900M Flamingo South Beach, Florida project with 3 Luxury Towers. She has managed projects with AIMCO in the following States: VA, OH, FL, IN, KY, AZ, AL, MN, GA, PA, MD, TN, TX Washington, DC & the Dreyfuss Brothers Portfolio Aquisition consisting of 3,000 units. She has consulted in Savu Savu, Fiji Islands.

Faye Craven

Faye has over 27 years experience, having co-pioneered the on-site management of over 7,000 condominiums thru various auction platforms. Ms. Craven has been responsible for the showing and auction day coordination of many of several of the most significant realty auctions in America. She has commanded events for such notable individuals & projects as:
• Lloyd Bentsen Jr., U.S. Secretary of the Treasury
• Norman Brinker, CEO – Brinker International, Chili’s, Steak & Ale, Macaroni Grill & past President of Burger King
• J. Duncan Smith, CEO – Sinclair Broadcasting
• Mark Mariani, CEO – Mariani Foods International
• Lanny Ross, CEO – Broadcom
• The View @ Chastain, Buckhead, GA

Her onsite responsibilities have included: Seller reporting, public relations, hospitality, logistics, broker coordinations, buyer relations, media liaison, communications, ballroom preparations & overall mastery of a seamlessly executed public showing of luxury realty assets.

Mark D. Parkman

Mark with 20 years of experience has developed three Planned Unit Developments: Water Towers, Park Place One and Park Place Two. He has horizontally developed land for Walmart. Mark received his first taste of the auction business in 1997 when he bought a Mackle property in Sebring, FL. He has since purchased & developed several properties from auctions. In addition, he farms 2,400 acres of crop lands. He is the President of Parkman Excavating, Inc. and Parkman Farms, Inc.

Baroness Inge Von Reith

Baroness Inge Von Reith is accustomed to the finer things in life having been raised in Berlin, Germany & Palm Beach, FL. She speaks fluently in 6 languages. Her passion is the world of fine art auctions with over 50 years of experience. She is a Consultant with UeberGlobal. Her keen eye for detail has been developed over the years from her travels that have taken her to the Masters of the World of Ueber Luxury and Art.

Steve T. Parkman

Steve has 25 years experience constructing & remodeling some of South Florida’s architectural land marks including the only AAA 5 Diamond Rated Oceanfront Resort and Golf Club in Palm Beach – The Breakers, Plaza Del Mar, Harbor’s Edge, Sand Hill Cove, Oak Harbor, Kravits Center and Abbey Delray South. He was associated with The Weitz Corporation, America’s Top 25 General Contractors head quartered in Des Moines, IA with offices in West Palm Beach, FL.

F. David Parkman

David’s 30 year career in Technology has lead him from San Francisco to Boston where he deals with classified technology with M.I.T. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). He is a Designer, Engineer and well versed with Cad-Cam applications and is a consultant with UeberGlobal.

Andy Holman

Andy has over 30 years executive experience with industry pioneers such as Merck Pharmaceuticals where he lead the nation in the roll out of Vytorin. He has received 45 Performance Awards as a result of his outstanding world class innovations. His passions include cycling and skiing.

thomas lonergan
Thomas Lonergan

Tom has pioneered several innovations while @ OceanGrown, Inc as their Director of Business Development. He was responsible for the design and execution of marketing and sales strategies globally. He interned with OceanGrown, Inc. while attending the University of Florida. After graduating UF he was recruited by Brooks International http://www.brooksint.com/index.php
a consulting firm specializing in the transformational execution to optimize financial and operational performance. His high caliber training in diverse industries and interest in sustainable living led him to focus on the Agriculture Industry. He believes in the company’s commitment to re-mineralize foods and preserve the environment. With the passion of an entrepreneur he introduced OceanSolution as an all-natural supercharged plant mineralizer to growers as an alternative to synthetic growing practices. Tom strives to instill passion in those around him and prides himself on treating people fairly. Tom also enjoys cross training, triathlons and golf. Tom serves as a consultant and is a welcome addition to the UeberGlobal team.


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