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President George Washington painted by Gilbert Stuart & commissioned by Samuel Parkman

Samuel Parkman commissioned Gilbert Stuart to paint a full length oil portrait of U.S. President George Washington, which Samuel later gifted to the Town of Boston in 1806 where the painting graced Fanueil Hall and now is at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The painting by Gilbert Stuart is of George Washington ,in Dorchester Heights, full-length in uniform, standing by a white horse, holding his bridle in his left hand and his chapeau in his right (measures approximately 5 x 12 feet).


Parkman Coat-of-Arms, Circa 1730


Sacred Cod Fish rests under the sir name of Parkman – since 1747

The Sacred Cod is a carving of a codfish an Atlantic cod that rests in the chamber of the Massachusetts House of RepresentativesMassachusetts House of Representatives under the sir name of Parkman. The Massachusetts House of Representatives is the lower house of the Massachusetts General Court, the state legislature of the U.S….The Cod that currently hangs in the building is actually the third one to be carved. The first was destroyed in a fire in 1747, the second during the Revolutionary War.
The American Revolutionary War , also known as the American War of Independence, was a war between Kingdom of Great Britain and revolutionaries within 13 colonies, who United States Declaration of Independence as the United States in 1776…The current cod was crafted around 1784 by an unknown artist.

The Atlantic cod is a well-known seafood belonging to the family Gadidae. It grows to two metres in length…..It represents the importance of the fishing. Fishing is the activity of hunting for fish. By extension, the term fishing is also applied to hunting for other aquatic animals such as various types of shellfish as well as squid, octopus, turtles, Edible frog and some edible marine inverteb…
industry in the early history of the state. Cod are very abundant in the waters surrounding Massachusetts.
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is a U.S. state in the New England region of the Northeastern United States United States….and in 1974 it was chosen as the official state fish.

The Sacred Cod sculpture measures five feet long and is carved out of pine.
Pines are Pinophyta trees of the genus Pinus, in the family Pinaceae. There are about 115 species of pine, although different authors accept anything from 105 to 125 species…..


Alexander Parkman – American Revolution Leiutenant & Minuteman – 1776


Sons of the American Revolution

Parkman House, National Historic Landmark Designated, 33 Beacon Street, Boston, MA, adjacent to the Boston State Capitol Building – The Boston Mayor’s Official Reception Hall – Donated to Boston by George Parkman

Parkman Bandstand (1908), Boston Common (1659), MA

George Parkman donated his townhouse @ 33 Beacon Street, Boston (known as The Parkman House) and $ 5 Million in 1908 to the City of Boston for the perpetual maintenance of the Boston Common. Shortly thereafter the City erected The Parkman Bandstand and The Parkman Plaza consisting of 3 statues both located at the Boston Common which is America’s oldest park established in 1659.

Francis Parkman U.S. Postage Stamp – Author of Oregon Trail & 17 books

He wrote 17 Volumes/Books the most famous was “The Oregon Trail” which was essentially a diary of his trip from Boston to St. Louis with his cousin Shaw and amongst the American Indians.

1730 Signature of Reverend Ebenezer Parkman – a 1721 Harvard School of Divinity Alumni

Elias Parkman, co-Founder of Windsor, CT in 1635 – Sailed from Sidmouth, England in 1630

Elias Parkman was the American Progenitor of the Parkman line. He came to America on the Mary & John ship which sailed from Sidmouth, Devonshire, England on May 10th in 1630. He was one of the 48 co-Founders of Windsor, CT in October 1635 (which is the oldest town in CT. His Father was Thomas Parkman. I confirmed this after spending 6 months in England, N. Ireland and Scotland @ the Exeter , Devonshire, England parish/archival library. There exists a genealogy society in Windsor, CT of which I am a lifetime member called “The Descendants of the Founders of Ancient Windsor”. The 48 co-Founders are : http://www.societyct.org/societies/windsor.php

Co-Owners of the entire Island of Nantucket in 1659

Trystram Coffin’s grand daughter, Mary Coffin, married William Parkman. Trystram, his son, 4 partners and 2 of the Macy’s from NYC bought the island of Nantucket from the Mayhews in 1659 for 30 pounds sterling and 2 beaver hats. Mary Parkman Coffin’s cousin was Jethro Coffin who built the Jethro Coffin House in 1686 – that is the oldest house on Nantucket. At the cathedral in Washington, DC (where the American Presidents worship on Easter and Christmas) there is a stained glass window depicting the Mayhews baptizing the Wampanoag Indians who had sold Nantucket to the Mayhews. The Nantucket Historical Association sells a book that contains 40,000 posterity/family descendants of the original 8 co-Founders of Nantucket. Herman Melville’s book Moby Dick opens with a scene from a Nantucket Inn/bar owned by Peter Coffin. Melville wrote Moby Dick based upon the true story made into a book and movie “The Essex” about a Nantucket whale ship sunk off of the coast of Chile by a whale.

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