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Windsor CT – The Oldest Town in CT

Elias Parkman,Sr. was the American Progenitor of the Parkman line. He came to America on the Mary & John ship which sailed from Sidmouth, Devonshire, England on May 10th in 1630. Elias paid for his passage from England to New England by placing himself under “Indentured Servitude” for 5 years. After completion of this responsibility as an “Indentured Servant” he became a FREEMAN. Elias was then one of the 48 co-Founders of Windsor, CT in October 1635 (which is the oldest town in CT. His Father was Thomas Parkman. I confirmed this after spending 6 months in England, N. Ireland and Scotland @ the Exeter , Devonshire, England parish/archival library. There exists a genealogy society in Windsor, CT of which I am a lifetime member called “The Descendants of the Founders of Ancient Windsor”. The 48 co-Founders are :


Elias Parkman, American Progenitor’s Pedigree Chart and Family Groups link:



Elias,Sr. son Elias,Jr.: Elias Parkman,Jr. buried 18 august 1691, Wapping, London, England

Elias Parkman,Jr.
M, b. 5 November 1635, d. 18 August 1691

Father Elias Parkman,Sr. b. 27 Sep 1606, d. 2 Jul 1662
Mother Bridget Conner b. c 1610, d. a 1672
Elias Parkman,Jr. was born on 5 November 1635 at Salem, Essex, MA. He married Sarah Trask, daughter of Capt. William Trask and Sarah, on 13 October 1656 at Salem, Essex, MA. Elias Parkman,Jr. died on 18 August 1691 at Wapping, London, Middlesex, England, at age 55.

ELIAS PARKMAN,SR. Dorchester 1633, freem. 6 May 1635, rem. to Windsor CT early, there had Elias, Jr.; Re becca; Samuel, b. 12 Aug. 1644; and George, whod. 1645; he prob. had an establishm. for trad e at New Haven 1640, but finally rem. to Boston, there had Mary, bapt. 24 Sept. 1648; Deliverance,b. 3, bapt. 10 Aug. 1651; and Nathaniel, b. 24 June, bapt. 8 July 1655.His w. was Bridget . He was a mariner, traded from Boston to Conn. riv.and perhaps on longer voyages, in one o f wh. he was prob. lost, for hisw. present, inv. 2 July 1662, made two days bef. recit. tha t he was”suppos. to be d.;” and as it amount. to only Ð37, 15, we may well thinkthat most o f his prop. was lost at the same time. Rebecca m. 18 Sept.1661, John Jarvis; and perhaps hi s wid. m. 6 Sept. 1672, Sylvester Eveleth of Gloucester.


Captain Elias Parkman and Bridget

Husband Captain Elias Parkman

Born: 1609 – England
Died: 28 Jul 1662 – At Sea

Wife Bridget

AKA: Bridget Connaught
Born: Est 1610
Died: After Feb 1682 – (Gloucester, Massachusetts)

1 M Elias Parkman

Born: 5 Nov 1635 – Dorchester, Massachusetts Bay
Died: 18 Aug 1691 – Wapping, London, England
Spouse: Sarah Trask (Cir 1636-1696)
Marr: 13 Oct 1656 – Salem, Massachusetts Bay 28

2 F Rebecca Parkman

Born: Abt 1640 – Windsor, Connecticut

3 F Abigail Parkman

Born: 1643 – Windsor, Connecticut
Died: 29 Aug 1677 – Salem, Massachusetts Bay
Spouse: John Trask (1642- )
Marr: 19 Feb 1663 – Salem, Massachusetts Bay

4 M George Parkman

Born: Abt 1644 – Windsor, Connecticut
Died: 1645 – Windsor, Connecticut

5 M Samuel Parkman

Born: 12 Aug 1644 – Windsor, Connecticut
Died: – (Virginia)

6 F Mary Parkman

Christened: 24 Sep 1648 – Boston, Massachusetts Bay

7 M Deliverance Parkman

Born: 3 Aug 1651 – Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Christened: 10 Aug 1651 – Boston, Massachusetts Bay

8 M Nathaniel Parkman

Born: 29 Jun 1655 – Boston, Massachusetts Bay
Christened: 8 Jul 1655 – Boston, Massachusetts Bay

General Notes: Husband – Captain Elias Parkman
Note: Came to America aboard the Elizabeth Boniventure

History of Ancient Windsor, Vol II
Elias Parkman, grantee of lands at Dorchester, 1633; the inhabitant of Windsor.; again at Dorchester, 1637; removed to Saybrook by 1646. In 1648 was partner with Jonathan Brewster (Colonial Record , i, 166); when Rev. Mr. Huit’s inventory was taken, 1644, he had 2,000 board feet of plank at Elias Parkman’s (sawed by hand); Mar 8 1637 a committee of the court was appointed to charter Elias Parkman’s boat to go to Narragansetts to trade for corn; land at Windsor (page 163, Vol I). Ch.: 2b at Windsor (O.C.R.) one oif whom was Samuel, b. 12 Aug 1644.

The Great Migration Begins
ORIGIN: Unknown
REMOVES: Windsor 1638, Saybrook by 1646, Boston by 1648
OCCUPATION: Mariner. (About October of 1638 Richard Saltonstall Jr. wrote to John Winthrop about debts owed to Saltonstall and his partners by Elias Parkman, who had been master of a vessel which they owned on several voyages between Massachusetts Bay and the Connecticut River [WP 4:64-65]. On 4 June 1650 Thomas Turner of Hingham discharged Elias Parkman of Boston of all debts and obligations, and stated that the said Elias had made all payments for three-quarters of the bark Supply before Turner had assigned a covenant for the same to Joseph Armitage [Aspinwall 288-89]. On 23 May 1655 the court awarded damages to Elias Parkman from Daniel Gookin who failed to pay him properly for transporting five persons and a large amount of bread to Virginia [MBCR 3:377].)
CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Admission to Dorchester church prior to 6 May 1635 implied by freemanship. (Parkman maintained membership in this church upon the remove to Windsor, and when he appeared in Boston in 1648 he was said to be of the Windsor church. When he is called “our brother” in the baptism of son Deliverance, this could still refer to membership in Windsor church, and we need not assume that he was admitted to membership in Boston church.)
FREEMAN: 6 May 1635 (last in a sequence of six Dorchester men) [MBCR 1:371].
EDUCATION: He signed his name to deeds.
ESTATE: Granted four acres at Naponset Neck in Dorchester, 5 August 1633 [DTR 2]; received Lot #84, four acres, in the meadow beyond Naponset [DTR 322]; granted Great Lot at Squantum Neck, 18 January 1635/6 [DTR 15]; granted “the marsh before his door,” 27 July 1636 [DTR 17]; granted a share in “ground about Rocky Hill” [DTR 18].
In the Windsor land inventory on 5 February 1640[/1] “Elias Parkeman” had seven parcels: “a homelot with the additions, fifteen acres”; “in the little meadow with swamp adjoining eight acres”; “in the second meadow five acres and half”; “over the Great River in breadth twenty-five rods, in length three miles”; “on the south of the rivulet, sixteen acres”; “in the pallisado half an acre”; and “in the great meadow for a garden plot in breadth four rod, in length six rod” [WiLR 1:71].
On 28 May 1646 “Elias Parkeman of Seabrooke lately inhabitant of Winsor” mortgaged eleven acres of land and a barn, and a parcel of land on the east side of the great river, to William Wadsworth of Hartford [WiLR 1:120].
On 2 August 1652 “Elias Parkeman” mortgaged to “Mr. Robert Peteshall” one house with the land belonging to it, now “in the tenure of Thomas Tyler of Boston” [SLR 1:220]. On 3 August 1652 “Elias Parkman of Boston, mariner & master of the good pinace called the Supplye of Boston” sold to Mr. John Holland of Dorchester “my now dwelling house situated in Boston, together with my home lot, being in measure one acre” [SLR 1:240].
On 7 August 1657 George Palmer of Boston, wine cooper, sold to Elias Parkman of Boston, mariner, a parcel of land in Boston together with the “house, shop & cellar thereon” formerly in the occupation of Hermon Garret, gunsmith, also a garden plot and a way into the garden, and use of the well [SLR 3:388-89]. This plot was given to Deliverance and Nathaniel Parkman after their father’s death by Silvester Eveleth and his wife Bridget, the widow of Elias Parkman, 24 November 1674 [SLR 13:327].
On 20 August 1662 administration on the estate of Elias Parkman was granted at the request of Bridget Parkman, “relict of Ellias Parkeman of Boston, Senior,” and her eldest son, to Thomas Rawlings in behalf of the children and creditors “allowing the widow her thirds in house & lands & the flock bed, rug, to the value of £2” [SPR 4:109].
The inventory of the estate of “Elias Parkman supposed to be deceased” was taken 20 July 1662 and totalled £34 5s., including £19 10s. in real estate: “the dwelling house being very much decayed and ready to fall,” £12; “corner of ground in the orchard,” £7; and “a piece of ground without the house,” £2 10s. [SPR 4:108]. Also in his inventory were “three old swords almost spoiled with rust, 3s.”
BIRTH: By about 1611 based on estimated date of marriage.
DEATH: When his inventory was taken on 20 July 1662, Elias Parkman was “supposed to be deceased,” suggesting that he had not returned from a sea voyage, and had probably died some time before that date.
MARRIAGE: By about 1636 Bridget _____ (she is first seen as his wife at the baptism of son Deliverance in 1651, but there is no evidence for an earlier wife). She married (2) Gloucester 6 September 1672 Sylvester Eveleth as his second wife and died after 5 February 1682 [SLR 12:327; NEHGR 134:301].
i ELIAS, b. say 1636 (called Deliverance his brother [ELR 14:112]); m. Salem 13 October 1656 Sarah Trask [NEHGR 55:322], daughter of WILLIAM TRASK.
ii SAMUEL, b. say 1638; a private record says that he went to Virginia [NEHGR 55:322]; no further record.
iii REBECCA, b. say 1640; m. Boston 18 September 1661 John Jarvis (she described as “daughter of Elias Parkman of Boston” [BVR 82]).
iv ABIGAIL, b. say 1642; m. Salem 19 February 1662[/3] John Trask, son of WILLIAM TRASK.
v GEORGE, b. say 1644; d. Windsor 1645 [Grant 80].
vi MARY, bp. Boston 24 September 1648 (“the daughter of Eliah Parkman a member of the Church at Winsor being about 4 days old” [BChR 312]); no further record.
vii DELIVERANCE, b. Boston 3 August 1651, “of Elias and Bridget Parkman” [BVR 33]; bp. Boston 10 August 1651 [BChR 321]; m. (1) Salem 9 December 1673 Sarah Veren; m. (2) after 14 January 1681/2 Mehitable Waite, daughter of John Waite [Wyman 986 (evidence not seen)]; m. (3) Marblehead 3 June 1683 Margaret Gardner; m. (4) after 25 March 1689 Susanna (Clark) Gedney [ELR 16:136, 18:138, 33:275; TAG 39:109-11].
viii NATHANIEL, b. Boston 24 June 1655 [BVR 50]; bp. Boston 8 July 1655 [BChR 328]; m. Boston by 1686 Hannah Hett (eldest known child b. Boston 30 March 1686 [BVR 170]), daughter of Eliphalet Hett [TAG 27:96, citing SLR 20:530-31, 21:43-46].

COMMENTS: A private record of the Parkman family was published in 1901 as a footnote to a genealogy of WILLIAM TRASK [NEHGR 55:322]; it was “furnished by Mrs. Lucy P. Trowbridge of New Haven, Connecticut, from a genealogical statement left by her father, Samuel Breck Parkman of Savannah, Georgia, who was lost, with most of his family, on board the steamer Pulaski in 1838.” This record reflects a number of exact dates that are not to be found anywhere else (including a precise date and place for the birth of Elias Parkman, son of the immigrant), and claims that the immigrant was son of Thomas Parkman of Sidmouth, England.
In 1932 Arthur Winfred Hodgman published an article which claimed that the wife of the immigrant was “Bridget Connaught (or Conner?),” but no evidence is supplied and no credence should be given to this identification without further information; this article also discusses a number of manuscript sources which have useful information on the early generations of the Parkman family (beyond the first generation or two) [NYGBR 63:144-50].
The passenger list of the Recovery of London, sailing from Weymouth for New England on 31 March 1634, includes “Elizabeth Parkman” [NGSQ 71:171]. Although this record need not have anything to do with Elias Parkman and his family, it could conceivably be an error for Elias himself returning from one of his voyages to England.
In his list of those “being gone yet had children born here” Matthew Grant credited “Elias Partman” with having two children born in Windsor [Grant 93]. If one of these was the son George who died in 1645, then the second was probably his next-elder sibling Abigail. Daughter Rebecca may also have been born in Windsor, if Grant’s accounting at a much later date includes only surviving children.
Winthrop, under date of 3 July 1637, reports an incident in which “Rich. Serle, servant to Elias Parkman of Dorchester,” assaulted his master in the presence of Thomas Millet, and was sentenced to be whipped [WJ 2:425].
Richard Saltonstall Jr. wrote an agitated letter to John Winthrop about October 1638 saying that Elias Parkman, master of a vessel that was presently in the Bay, but planning to return to Connecticut shortly, owed him a considerable sum of money and had owed it for some time, but that “we cannot receive a penny of him nor a note of his hand that it is due to us upon demand, unless we be contented to take it at Connecticut when he hath sold his house.” He asked that Winthrop delay him so that he had to answer to the claim [WP 4:64-65].
Two servants of “Elias Parkmore” were whipped at New Haven, 1 July 1640 [NHCR 1:38]. A dispute between some inhabitants of Guilford and “Elias Parkman of Windsor” was noted by the New Haven Colony Court on 7 April 1646, but no further action was taken [NHCR 1:229]. (Savage interprets these records to mean that Parkman “probably had an establishment for trade at New Haven [in] 1640,” but not that he was a resident of New Haven [Savage 3:359].)
Elias Parkman was involved as both plaintiff and defendant in civil suits before the Particular Court of Connecticut in 1648 and 1657 [RPCC 53, 177, 179, 180].
In June 1639 Thomas Moulton of Charlestown, fisherman, aged thirty years, deposed that Margery Batman, servant to Henry Lawrence of Charlestown, fisherman, was removed from Lawrence’s house by her father, “one Batman dwelling by the river of Saco” and since placed “with one Elias Parke since dwelling at Kenecticot” [Lechford 81]. (As there is no record for an Elias Parke in Connecticut, or anywhere in New England, at this early date, this record very likely pertains to Elias Parkman.)

General Notes: Wife – Bridget
Marriage 2 Sylvester EVELETH
Married: 6 SEP 1672 in Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts

Great Migration Begins, Elias Parkman:
“In 1932 Arthur Winfred Hodgman published an article which claimed that the wife of the immigrant was “Bridget Connaught (or Conner?),” but no evidence is supplied and no credence should be given to this identification without further information”



From: 7 Shadrach ROUNDY / 8 Lucretia NEEDHAM / 9 Daniel Needham / 10 Daniel Needham / 11 Mary PARKMAN / 12 William PARKMAN /
13 Elias PARKMAN, Capt. (his wife was 13 Sarah TRASK) Elias Parkman , Capt. was born ABT 1636, and died 18 AUG 1691 in Wapping, London, ENG. He married Sarah Trask 13 OCT 1656 in Salem, MA, daughter of William Trask and Sarah. She was born 1 JAN 1633/34 in Salem, MA, and died 26 DEC 1696 in Boston, MA. (The Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to New England 1620-1633.)

From: 7 Shadrach ROUNDY / 8 Lucretia NEEDHAM / 9 Daniel Needham / 10 Daniel Needham / 11 Mary PARKEMAN / 12William PARKMAN /
13 Sarah TRASK (husband 13 Elias PARKMAN, Capt. ) The Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to New England 1620-1633

From: 7 Shadrach ROUNDY / 8 Lucretia NEEDHAM / 9 Daniel Needham / 10 Daniel Needham / 11 Mary PARKEMAN / 12William PARKMAN / 13 Sarah TRASK
14 Captain William TRASK and Sarah
The Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to New England 1620-1633

From: 7 Shadrach ROUNDY / 8 Lucretia NEEDHAM / 9 Daniel Needham / 10 Daniel Needham / 11 Mary PARKEMAN / 12 Elizabeth ADAMS /
13 Alexander ADAMS married 13 Mary COFFIN 1644. Alexander Adams was of Dorchester and Boston. He was a large fat man of a very ruddy countenance a shipwright—came into New England with Capt. Hawkins and built for many years ships at Boston.

13 Mary COFFIN immigrated in 1642 to Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts. She came with her mother 14 Joanna Kember and brother Tristram, one of the nine original perchasers of the island of Nantucket. Mary’s father was 14 Peter Coffin of Boston,



London’s Eastside was once the World’s Largest Trading Port (this is where Elias Parkman, Jr. died in 1691 – above):



Samuel Parkman commissioned Gilbert Stuart to paint a full length oil portrait of U.S. President George Washington, which Samuel later gifted to the Town of Boston in 1806 where the painting hung in the Fanueil Hall and now in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The painting by Gilbert Stuart is of George Washington ,in Dorchester Heights, full-length in uniform, standing by a white horse, holding his bridle in his left hand and his chapeau in his right.

Francis Parkman – American Historian Arthur


George Parkman


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